FDA Requests Approval of CoronaVirus Vaccines


The New York Times

Biotech Companies have created possible vaccines for the Covid-19

  Moderna, a biotech company, has discovered a possible CoronaVirus vaccine and calls for the Food and Drug Administration to approve it as soon as possible. According to Moderna, this vaccine is over 94% efficient. 

  CoronaVirus first introduced itself to the world almost a year ago on December 31, 2019 with the first case located in Wuhan, China. Now, this pandemic continues to grow and worsen. 

  While many have never caught the virus, over 64.1 million around the world still suffer. This includes 13.8 million in the United States, 369,000 in North Carolina, and 29,779 in Wake County alone. 

  Freshman student Ashley Sosa-Godines expresses her thoughts about the potential vaccines being made. She says, “I’m tired of this pandemic. I miss doing things I loved doing. It’s time we have a vaccine.” 

  The world is in need of a vaccine and Moderna is trying to achieve that. So far, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States have bought millions of doses of this vaccine and plan on taking action soon. 

  Our nation, the United States, will be the first to actually test this vaccine. On December 17, the FDA and Moderna will hold their official meeting together. 

  President Donald Trump has spoken out about this act on Twitter saying, “Moderna now applying for Emergency Vaccine Approval. @US_FDA MUST ACT QUICKLY!!!  “Operation Warp Speed has been a great modern day miracle.” 

  Moderna may be guiding the world into a better place, but they are not the only biotech brand to ask for approval. Pfizer and BioNTech are also competitors hoping their vaccine gets approved.

  According to an article by CBSNews, Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccines are 95% effective. Pfizer already has 50 million doses around the world and over 12 million will go to the United States.

  These brands will hold their meeting with the FDA exactly a week after Moderna’s meeting. While these companies have over 90% chance of effectiveness, scientists say even a 70% chance is enough during a pandemic. 

  Moderna says they may have over 20 million doses by the end of the year for the US, and possibly 50 million to 1 billion globally by July 2021. The distribution of vaccines may be in our near future, but this pandemic is not over yet.  

  Continue to follow safety guides for your health, and others.