Thanksgiving Traditions Are Changing This Year


The Spruce Eats

Photo of an average Thanksgiving dinner feast.

  Thanksgiving is a holiday known for spending time with loved ones, and those you are thankful for. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it seems as though our usual Thanksgiving traditions may need to be put on hold.  

  This usually social holiday may end up being more lonely. A lot of families are playing it safe and social distancing from long distant family members to lessen their risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. 

  Senior Spartan Margaret Haygood says that this year she will only be celebrating with her immediate family, “We’re not having anyone over. It will just be me, my parents, and my brother. We don’t want anyone risking their health.” 

  Many other Spartans have also planned out how they will be celebrating this year. Some are looking forward to video calls among family. 

  Senior Leigh Webb is one of the students that plans to do this. She says, “My family and I are going to have a Zoom meeting and catch up like we would normally do. This will be our way of ‘eating together.’” 

  While some are changing things up, others with smaller family gatherings plan to continue their usual style of celebrating. Senior Noelle Hurt says, “I probably won’t do anything different. I usually go to my grandma’s house and there are usually less than 10 people.”

  It may sound safe to have a few guests over, but the Center for Disease Control recommends for everyone to withdraw from traveling this holiday. According to an article from CNN News, Dr. Erin Sauber-Schatz says, “The reason that we made the update is the fact that over the week we’ve seen over a million new cases in the country.”

  Cases of COVID-19 have been increasing in the nation since our first lockdown earlier in March. As of now, over 11 million people in the U.S. alone have been infected. That includes 326,000 in North Carolina, and over 26,000 in Wake County alone. 

 With that being said, this holiday let’s play it safe. Continue to wear your mask, wash your hands frequently, and refrain from gathering in large groups.