A Guide to Trump’s Legal Challenges


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President Trump disputes the legitimacy of new votes being counted.

  Two weeks after the election, no one is able to breathe a sigh of relief. The battles have moved from the campaign trail to the courtroom.

  The sitting President Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of the mail-in ballots which gave former Vice President Joe Biden the victory. President Trump has launched a flurry of lawsuits in an attempt to invalidate the results in key swing states.

  So far the cases don’t seem to be going the President’s way. By Wednesday November 18, the Trump campaign lost 25 lawsuits and only won one. 

  Trump’s campaign currently has ongoing lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. Many of the current lawsuits, such as the attempts to invalidate the election results in Nevada, are based on claims that have been dismissed as superfluous in previous lawsuits.

  Sanderson senior Hal Smith said “At this point, this is just sad. He should really just give up and concede. This is looking incredibly pathetic, at least go out with a shred of dignity.”

  The case that has been receiving the most attention is Donald J Trump for President vs Boockvar. This is mainly due to the attorney President Trump hired to represent him in the case, Rudy Giulani.

  The former New York City mayor had a less than stellar showing on his first day in court. Confusing the definitions of the words opaque and translucent, was only the beginning of his gaffes.

  Minutes after declaring the results as “the work of widespread, nationwide voter fraud,”Giluani stated, “This is not a fraud case.” 

  He seemed befuddled about the differences between a lawsuit and criminal trial, and asked for non-existent standards to be applied to the case.

  Even though things look bleak for President Trump, his supporters still believe he can pull off a win. Sanderson senior Sam Foscato stated “With all of the evidence and cases about voter fraud, Trump is still able to win.”

  The deadline to have all the votes counted is getting closer every day and nobody knows what will happen to the suits that are still in litigation. Even so, it remains doubtful that Trump will be able to win.

  Sanderson civics teacher Jeffrey Washburn says, “Ultimately the result will come down to the state legislature, and throwing out enough ballots to alter the results will be a political disaster.”

  The nation is still holding its breath waiting for a victor to be declared in the election.