Spartans Brightening Up the Hospital for Children This Holiday Season


Bring a smile to hospitalized children over the holiday season by donating gifts

If you want to make a difference in your community you can start by supporting and donating to Sanderson High School’s Holiday Toy Drive. The Toy Drive is a new event at Sanderson that a multitude of clubs are organizing and taking part in. Spartans will be donating the toys to WakeMed Children’s Hospital for kids who are hospitalized during the holidays. 

The Philosophy and Current Events Club along with FCCLA are taking charge of organizing the toy drive at SHS. Many other clubs such as FCA and DECCA have pledged to raise awareness and use their platforms to help the cause as well.

Students and teachers are being asked to participate in any way possible whether that is donating or simply getting the word out. Raising awareness by communicating with classes, clubs, athletic teams, neighborhoods, family, or friends is just as helpful as giving. 

Sanderson students Elizabeth Phillips and Angela Clese have worked hard to put together this event and have made it their goal to make it as successful as possible. When asked why this Holiday Toy Drive is important, Phillips said, “Connectivity is fostered and inspired through acts of goodwill and sincerity. With all the things happening across the globe right now, it is definitely important for everyone to take the time to make someone else’s world a little brighter.” 

Phillips continued, “We all need to have faith that everything is going to work out, and I believe the holiday season is a great time for people’s spirits to become reignited.” 

This toy drive is vital with the holidays approaching because children that are dealing with an illness deserve all the love and comfort that they would get at home during the holiday season. Contributing by giving toys and necessities brings much-needed positivity into their lives. 

“You can only imagine how much joy it brings to those children when they are given those gifts, and it really offers a sense of magic. To be able to instill that kind of faith in humanity, is really what we need right now,” stated Elizabeth Phillips.

 FCCLA president Clese added, “To a child in the hospital during the holidays, something as simple as a toy means so much more – it’s a symbol of love and childhood.”

When buying items to donate, keep in mind that WakeMed Children’s Hospital requires that all items must be new, and have no religious affiliation. For easier shopping, items on the wishlist can be found in the link below. 

Drop off all toys through the carpool line at Sanderson High School during the following dates:

December 2, 11, and 16 from 10 am to 3 pm only!

For more information or interest in volunteering contact Elizabeth Phillips at [email protected]