Spartans Share Opinions on the Election


ABC 11

People all across the country celebrated Biden’s election.

 Record-breaking numbers of voters chose to lift their voices this year in the 2020 election. Young people especially, have come together to stand up for what they believe. The Sanderson High School Spartans are among those who refuse to keep their opinions to themselves. 

  First-time-voter and Sanderson Alumni Katelyn Cohn says, “This election was extremely important and consequential, and it is important to be educated and informed about the process and about the results.” 

  Cohn continues, “I think that it is unfortunate that violence is almost expected at this time. I believe that this election emphasized how divided and bipartisan our country truly is based on the split votes, and the reactions of people across every state.” 

  Social media has had a great impact on new voter opinions and the younger audience. Many young voters have relied on social media to get the information they feel is necessary. 

  There was a lot of false information about both sides and I think it’s great that more people used their vote than ever before, but a lot of it was because of social media influence and the opinions of influencers more than their own personal opinions,” Sophomore Lindsay Eddlmen stated.

  Many people have mixed feelings about Biden’s election and worry about his economic plans. Sanderson Graduate Kyle Brown said, “I’m glad that Biden won the presidential election, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does for this country. I guess my main concern is minimum wage being raised because then other things will be inflated.” 

  There are still many Spartans wanting change who are not willing to give up. Junior Eleanor Burns expressed, “I hope that we can continue to demand better from the people that run our country and encourage better and faster change.”

  People were ecstatic when hearing of Biden’s election. Mass celebrations erupted throughout the country. 

  This caused concern among people like Sophomore Brandon Scaffnitt who stated “My problem with all the celebrations is that they have become COVID-19 super spreading events with everyone in close proximity, or in contact with one another.” 

  Another concern Scaffnitt expressed is the way Vice President Elect Kamala Harris might run the country if something happens to Biden. “Kamala is trying to push for more liberal ideas and policies, some of which Joe Biden doesn’t even agree with.” 

  With the division in America today it is clear that people feel as if we all need to come together or at least have a general respect for one another. 

  Junior Hannah Brown says, “I think people have to remember that at the end of the day, no matter who won, we all still need to respect each other. Nobody’s bound to have the exact same opinion, and we need to understand and respect that.”

  Some Spartans have taken a different approach to the election and are just happy for the advertising to be over. “I’m glad the election is over,” stated Samuel Edmond. There were too many ads on YouTube and I was getting bored of the same ones appearing over and over.”

  There is no question that the 2020 presidential election has caused tension across the country. We should all come together and attempt to understand one another and listen to each other’s  opinions. 

  The SHS Spartans are just a small portion of the teens who have opinions and concerns on this year’s election. What changes would you like to see?