Lighting Up the Christmas Season Extra Early


New York Post

People decorating extra early this year to bring some joy to a hard time.

  When is it socially acceptable to start decorating for the holiday season? Some people claim that the holiday season should not start until the day after Thanksgiving, but others say that Christmas activities should take place the whole month of November. Many people are more inclined to jump right into Christmas festivities as soon as October ends, instead of transitioning into the next holiday. 

  According to the senior Class President Mercer Webb, this year may be a valid exception to the traditional decorating time. “Usually, my family and I start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving, but this year I think we have an excuse to start whenever we feel like it,” Webb continues, “After Halloween, I was ready to go, but my family decided it was still too early. However, with everything going on, I have already started listening to Christmas music, getting signature holiday drinks, and decorating my room.”

  In contrast to Webb’s opinion, fellow spartan Lily Mishler sees no harm in early celebration every year. “I think that whenever you start to feel the Christmas spirit you shouldn’t let anyone stop you from celebrating. The holiday makes everyone happy and while people need a little more positivity this year with the pandemic, I get into the mindset of Christmas as early as I want every year.” 

  The year 2020 has been nothing but crazy, and something Sanderson students agree on is that one of the best things to help us regain a sense of normality is a little Christmas cheer. With everything going on, like the election and the unpredictability of COVID-19, people need something uplifting like decorating for Christmas and singing All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey to lift their spirits. 

  Even stores and shopping centers like Target and Crabtree Valley Mall have already begun the process of decorating for the holiday season. While they are being referred to as “Christmas Creeps”, corporations still put up lights and Christmas trees in early November. The “Christmas Creep” is a trend that has become more common and refers to when retailers put out ads, merchandise, and decor way before December to get an upper hand on sales. Starbucks, for example, is a huge “Christmas Creep” and released their classic holiday drinks like the Peppermint Mocha on November 6th. 

  It’s unknown whether stores are doing this only for personal economic efforts, or to add to the overall spirit within the community. Either way, it is something that brings positivity to such a difficult year.

  While “Christmas Creeps” and early decorators can be polarizing, people this year can agree that it is okay to have a little extra Christmas spirit in November. This year has proven to be a struggle for everyone and jumping into the festivities early may be just what some need.