Panthers Underwhelm Yet Again


Charlotte Observer

Panthers lose again

Last year, after a mediocre start, the Carolina Panthers lost out ending the season 5-11. This year, the team does not even have that.

Following their loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday October 29, the Panthers hold a record of 3-5, and are ranked 11 in the NFC . 

When asked about Carolina’s record Sanderson student Nolen Davis said, “I was actually shocked the Panthers lost the game. How do you lose to the Falcons? How trash do you have to be to lose to a team that’s choked three over 95% chances to win away in a single season.”

The game against the Falcons is the third game in a three-game losing streak lasting since the Panther’s loss to the Chicago Bears in Week 6.

Prior to that loss, things were looking up for the Panthers, with them winning three games in a row ending a 13-game-losing streak dating back to Week 9 of the 2019 season. 

This is the Panthers first season since 2011 that they will not have Head Coach Ron Rivera or Quarterback Cam Newton. 

Both were let go and replaced respectively by former Baylor Head Coach Matt Rhule and former New Orleans Saints backup Teddy Bridgewater.

The Panthers next game will be Sunday November 8 at 1 p.m. against defending Superbowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.