Tension at the Election Polls Rises



Voters prepare for Election Day on November 3.

  Election day is less than a week away and the American people are on the edge of their seats. As polls continue to rise and fall, the nation is nervous about who will be officially elected as President.

  Former Vice President, and presidential candidate, Joe Biden is in the lead of the election polls with 51% of votes. President Donald Trump currently has 43%, according to source BBCnews

  While some may consider these speculations a reflection of what is to come, several days still remain until the official election and many votes have not yet been cast.  Our Sanderson Spartans shared their input on how they feel about the upcoming election

  Freshman Ashley Sosa-Godines knows she is not eligible to vote but says, “I can’t believe in a matter of days, things could change.”

  The accuracy of polls is questionable because they are determined from a survey of a small group of voters. Those voters are usually a good representation of the state’s tendencies, but as we reach closer to election day, these polls can change. 

  Sanderson history and civics teachers are excited to witness this election and unpack it with their classes. 

  Civics and economics teacher Carson Davis says the presidential election is the ultimate teaching tool for civics teachers. She shared, “I will carry out my civic duty by voting on Election Day and then I will stay up way too late to see the results. As always, I hope my party/candidate is elected.” 

  Davis went on to share that she is nervous but that no matter the outcome, this is just how politics work. She will continue to keep voting in local, state, and federal elections. 

  While the polls do help determine which candidate will win the election, many Americans suspect they can’t always be trusted. This is because polls are indicative of the popular vote and not the electoral vote.

  While Biden is currently leading in polls, this does not mean he will end up President of the United States. In 2016 the same exact thing happened. Hillary Clinton was leading in the polls, but Donald Trump ended up winning the election. 

   To make your voice heard, you must go out and vote. Many people are apathetic to voting and that is damaging to our country. No matter which way you lean, voting is essential. Mail in your ballot or grab a mask and join the line, either way VOTE!