How to “Halloween” in a Pandemic

Staying healthy this season is crucial and there are still ways to have a good time while doing it.

Country Living Magazine

Staying healthy this season is crucial and there are still ways to have a good time while doing it.


  Halloween is just around the corner and it is important to continue following guidelines such as social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands regularly. Below are some COVID-cautious activities for you and your friends to try, while still keeping it fun. 

  Keeping everyone safe and happy this season is a priority for many families, but there are still  people who are eager to go out and do the “normal” Halloween activities. Here are five alternatives to make this Halloween just as fun as the last. 

  1. Outdoor Movie Marathon: Celebrating Halloween can be fun at any age. On some occasions, keeping it simple is better. Having an outdoor Halloween movie marathon with your friends and family is the perfect way to go. Get a projector and a white sheet to set up, ask your guests  to bring their own chairs and snacks, and turn on your favorite Halloween movie. It’s a great way to avoid contact, stay six feet apart, and have fun. 
  2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt:  It is no secret that most teenagers would rather spend Halloween with their friends. Invite a couple friends over to do a Halloween themed scavenger hunt. Decorate beforehand, dress up, get creative and enjoy— Just be sure to communicate health concerns with one another beforehand. 
  3. Carving Pumpkins: This is another low risk activity that is easy to do six feet apart. It’s a good way to keep the halloween spirit alive between you and your peers. 
  4. Face Mask Decorating:  Buy a plain face mask, fabric markers, and get creative. This is another activity that can be done with friends and family outdoors. Find inspiration from your favorite movie or activity and decorate your mask. It’s a cheerful way to get a personalized mask for this holiday season. 
  5. Goodie Bags: If you are normally the type to stay home and pass out candy, then here is a solution for you: Make goodie bags filled with treats and put them out for children or their parents to grab. This is a good way to make sure a lot of people’s hands aren’t going into one bowl. Sitting on your driveway or porch watching and waving can be just as satisfying as meeting them at the door. 

  Everyone is ready to start going out and socializing but unfortunately, the pandemic still won’t allow it. COVID cases are on the rise again so please consider these exciting alternatives for this unique Halloween season.