Halloween Movies to “Spook” Up Your Season


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These 13 Halloween movies are sure to get you in the spooky spirit.


  The seasons are changing and October 31 is only weeks away; it’s time to start getting in the spooky spirit. After baking some seasonal treats, cuddle up and enjoy these 13 horror and Halloween classics. 

  1. Hocus Pocus (1993): After three witches are risen from the dead on All Hallows’ Eve, the teenage boy who accidentally summoned them must figure out a way to kill them before they steal the souls of all the children in Salem. Arguably one of the most iconic Halloween movies, this 1993 cult classic is a must-watch this season.  
  2. Halloweentown (1998): In this Disney Channel Original Movie, the late Debbie Reynolds plays a witch who is a resident of Halloweentown. After visiting her three grandchildren, who are entirely unaware of their powers, they follow her home and embark on an adventure to save Halloweentown.
  3. Halloween (1978): Michael Myers has become an iconic figure in the horror genre. This 1978 classic horror movie follows Myers as he escapes from a psych ward and returns to his hometown to find his next victims. 
  4. Hubie Halloween (2020): This Netflix film released only a few weeks ago on the streaming platform as a dedication to the late Cameron Boyce. Starring Adam Sandler and Boyce’s close friends, it is a hilarious horror film that offers a more lighthearted take on the haunting holiday. Sandler plays Hubie, a devout community volunteer that finds himself having to solve an actual serial killer case on Halloween night. 
  5. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Specials (1990-): Although this is not a movie, The Simpsons yearly Halloween special had to make the list. Each episode consists of three separate segments. These segments typically show the Simpson family in some sort of supernatural or hilariously frightening scenario. Sanderson’s Theatre Arts teacher Peter Comperatore makes sure to watch these specials every year saying, “I watch all The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes because they are glorious and hilarious.”
  6. Twitches (2005): Twitches is another Disney Channel Original Movie. After two twins are separated as babies, they finally meet again on their 21st birthday to find out they are both witches. They have to use their powers to save their birth home from an evil force called The Darkness.
  7. Coraline (2009): Even though Coraline is considered a children’s movie, it is not any less creepy than the other films listed. When Coraline is unsatisfied with her mundane life, she finds a small door that takes her into a parallel universe where she finds a life that is similar to her own, but better. When her evil Other Mother tries to make her stay there forever, Coraline must find a way to escape back to her normal life.
  8. The Shining (1980): Stanley Kubrick’s psychological thriller The Shining has gained a massive cult following since its release back in 1980. Jack Nicholson’s character is the caretaker for a remote hotel in Colorado. When him and his family go to visit, Nicholson’s character begins to experience homicidal behaviors and hallucinations.
  9. Ghostbusters (1984): This 1984 comedy has been recently remade a few years ago, proving it to be a generational classic. Four scientists decide to become “ghostbusters” and stumble upon a gateway to another dimension while doing so. Evil spirits have been released from this dimension and the four must save New York City from destruction.
  10. The Haunted Mansion (2003): Based on the famous ride in Disneyland, and Disney World, Eddie Murphy plays a father of two children, who he seems to have neglected due to his work. His wife suggests for him to take time off of work and go on a family vacation. On their way out of town, they make a detour and find themselves at a sinister mansion filled with spirits both evil and good.
  11. Casper (1995): Casper is a friendly ghost that resides in a mansion located in Maine. When a spirit specialist arrives with his daughter to try and communicate with the ghosts in the house, Casper falls in love with the daughter. Their relationship comes with its complications due to Casper’s meddling uncles and the fact that he is a ghost.
  12. Fun Size (2012): Victoria Justice plays Wren, a high school senior who cannot wait to move away from her dysfunctional family. On Halloween night, Wren is left to babysit her younger brother, but loses him while trick-or-treating. With the help of three of her friends, Wren must find her brother before their mother comes home to find both of them missing.
  13. The Addams Family (1991): This 1991 film centers around the creepy and mysterious Addams family. When a man comes to their home claiming to be Gomez Addams’ brother, Fester Addams, everyone is thrilled. However, Gomez’s wife begins to grow suspicious of this man as he cannot recall certain details of his life. “Fester” gets the Addams family evicted from their home, and they soon find out that they are all being swindled.