Celebrating Teachers Today, And Every Day



October 5 is World Teacher’s Day.

  Monday, October 5 is World Teachers’ Day: a well deserved celebration of the contributions teachers have made around the world. This week, Spartans look to our spectacular Sanderson teachers who help students grow and learn everyday.

  Teachers have had to adapt to online classes this school year and their hard work has not gone unnoticed. While all teachers deserve to be appreciated on this day, Sanderson students would like to give special thanks to a few teachers who have left a mark on them. 

  Ms. Jordan Miller has been teaching math at Sanderson for five years. She completed her student teaching here as well, and according to her website, she decided she couldn’t leave. Miller served as an advisor in the National Honors Society and is now an advisor for the Executive Council.

Sanderson senior Katie Moore has never been a student in one of Miller’s math classes, but says she has enjoyed her time spent with her as a student council member. Moore only has positive things to say about Miller, “She is really kind, understanding, and always super helpful when I need advice.” She goes on to say that Ms. Miller has made a huge impact on her four years at Sanderson. 

  Mrs. Maggie Handset is one of the biology teachers at Sanderson. She has made it a goal to ensure her class is taught in a welcoming and understanding environment. Sanderson junior Paisley Pekks reflected on her time in Handset’s classroom with great admiration saying, “She has the kindest heart and genuinely cares about each and every one of her students and their education.” Pekks appreciated the patient nature of Mrs. Handset and is grateful for her style of teaching that has left a lasting impression. 

  Coach B is the Women’s Junior Varsity Basketball coach. Spartan senior Abby Hinson recognized Coach B as a faculty member she wanted to give a special shoutout to. Hinson describes her as an amazing coach to the team saying, “She is always motivating me and the rest of my teammates to go as hard as we can in practice.” Though they view last year’s season as not one of their best, the encouragement given by their coach is what kept them motivated and excited to play each game. 

  Even in such an unprecedented time, Sanderson teachers have continued to work tirelessly to make the transition to online learning as seamless as possible for Spartans. The Sanderson Sandscript is incredibly grateful for the contributions SHS teachers have made to our school. We thank you today, and everyday.