Massive Wildfires Sweep California

Wildfires ravage the California country side

USA Today

Wildfires ravage the California country side

 On Wednesday, October 9th, the skies of San Francisco turned orange. This is a side effect of the out of control wildfires ravaging California. 

 So far, the wildfires have burned 3,900 square miles of forest and killed at least seven people in addition to the thousands of homes destroyed.

  Numerous fire-nadoes have occurred as the result of the growing fires. This is occurring in the midst of a heatwave causing record highs all across the state. 

  There has been a massive increase in the number, and power, of the fires since 2019. Many experts blame a lack of controlled burning for creating an underbrush that increases the danger of the wildfires.

  One particularly devastating fire in El Dorado, CA was caused by people setting off fireworks during their child’s gender reveal party. 

  Sanderson Environmental Science Teacher, Amanda Herlacher stated, “While fires are necessary for many West Coast Ecosystems…people’s irresponsible behavior, and climate change, have led to fires burning out of control.” 

 When asked about the fires, member of the Sanderson Environmental Awareness Club, Erin Casey said, “These devastating wildfires are a clear result of our changing climate.”

 Experts say to expect worse fires in the future, as the climate continues to change and ecosystems continue to grow less and less stable.