Do Spartans Think Weed Should Be Legal?


Medical News Today

Many adults and teens use weed as a form of distraction or social acceptance.

  Should marijuana be legal in North Carolina? The usage of weed has become a popular debate within the community, and there are many differing opinions within it. 

  According to the laws in North Carolina, cannabis is only allowed for intractable epilepsy, and there are still limits within how much can be used. There are no other exceptions for usage within the state. 

  Cannabis can be used for a number of reasons such as social, medical, and spiritual. Marijuana is the most used illegal drug within the United States with almost 37.6 million users every year. 

  The negative effects it can have on a person are often overlooked or ignored. These include substance abuse, poisoning, problems within mental health, and much more. It can also increase your chances of using other drugs. 

  While there are some cons to the drug, there are also many positive short term outcomes. Many use it for social, spiritual and medical use. 

  Some teens have strong beliefs that weed should be legal for at least medical reasons. It has been proven that marijuana can help neuropathic pains. Sanderson Junior, Anna Grace D’amico,  states, “I believe that cannabis should be legalized because of the medical benefits.” 

  There is no doubt that understanding both the short and long term effects on individuals are essential in forming opinions, and bringing it into the medical field is a good idea, but how would this affect our judicial branch and prisons? 

  “I believe there are multiple reasons why weed should be legal.” Junior, Jack Dorta, says “If it were legal, crimes would go down because less people would be in jail for selling and smoking. Ultimately leaving more room for murderers and people who do things that affect others.”

  Marijuana is a vastly problematic drug and, despite popular opinions within the community, there are still many people out there who do believe the drug should remain illegal in North Carolina. There is still a lot of research to be done and many things about the drug that are still a mystery to many scientists.  Do you think weed should be legal, despite the fact that the CDC wants to take a deeper look into the drug?