Highlights From the RNC



Trump delivers his nomination acceptance speech.

 From the 24th to the 28th of November, the Republican National Convention had the biggest names in Republican politics speak on why President Donald Trump should be reelected.

On Monday the keynote speaker, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott gave a speech focusing on a recurring theme throughout the convention—All of the good things Donald Trump has done for the African American community.

In his acceptance address Trump said “I say very modestly I’ve done more for the African American Community than any president since Abraham Lincoln”. 

Possibly in response to these claims, Trump’s support among African Americans has risen. According to a poll conducted by Harris X after the convention the African American approval rating has gone from 15% to 24%. Polls by Emerson and Zogby put President Trump’s approval rating among blacks at 20% or double what it was in 2016. 

Another major theme repeated throughout the convention was the claim that Republicans are the party of law and order; returning to a strategy from the 1980s and 1990s. They positioned themselves as the bulwark against radical socialist democrats. 

In an incredibly energetic speech Kimberly Gulifoyle said “They will defund, dismantle, and destroy America’s law enforcement. When you are in trouble and need police, don’t count on the Democrats.”

Conservative student Sam Foscato, when asked about the convention said, “The President has done great things for this country and this convention is a reminder of that.”

Another student Nolan Coppedge said “It’s beginning to feel like anarchy, with all those riots. Things are going to be a lot worse in Joe Biden’s America.”

Nolen Davis, when asked about his support for the president said “Joe Biden, doesn’t know where he is most of the time, and he’s supposed to be president?”

The election is going to be held on November 3rd. 

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