Recap of the 2020 VMAs



Celebrities impress with their creative masks

   Wondering how the 2020 MTV Music Video Awards were able to continue regardless of the CoronaVirus pandemic? Award show host Keke Palmer, and artists such as Ariana Grande, BTS, The Weeknd, Doja Cat, and many more were able to perform on stage safely while also following the social distancing rules. 

  Originally the award show was to be held indoors at Barclays Center located in New York City. However, due to restrictions put in place as a result of the CoronaVirus, the event was to be held outside.

  Not many people attended the event and most of the performances, speeches, and red carpet walks were sessioned. Kpop boy group, BTS, recorded their performance in their home country, South Korea. 

  While it is upsetting that artists could not perform in person or attend as an audience member, they still found a way to make the show enjoyable. 

  Artists were able to turn mask wearing into a fashion statement while also demonstrating how important it is to wear one. Lady Gaga, known for her eclectic sense of style, stole the show with her remarkably designed masks.

  Not only did Gaga win the audience’s attention with her retro masks, but she also won the title of winning the most awards. She, along with Ariana Grande won a total of nine awards each for their collaboration on music video and song, “Rain On Me.”

  Other winning artists were, The Weeknd “Blinding Lights” for Video of the Year, Doja Cat for Best New Artist, and Megan Thee Stallion “Savage” for Best Hip Hop.

  Even though the hosts went to great lengths in order to keep the event safe, some still believe that it shouldn’t have happened during this time of pandemic. 

Sanderson senior Emma Jacobs was against the idea of even having an award show saying, “The VMAs could have been postponed or cancelled. I think the health and lives of everyone is more important than shows and awards.”

  Another Sanderson senior, Millie Vazquez-Pacheco thought of it as unnecessary. She shared, “It’s just the wrong time to have this show. Right now we should be more focused on helping those affected by the virus.”

  Though the VMA performances were mostly recordings, they weren’t done at home. So these celebrities still had to leave their homes and potentially risk their health to please their fans.

  Even though the show was not traditional in any sense, it was memorable for everyone involved and it will certainly go down in the history of VMA award shows.