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All WCPSS schools will be exclusively online-learning until further notice.

Sanderson students adjust to new circumstances

  How do you feel about going virtual? In the wake of COVID-19, learning environments have changed drastically for students and teachers this school year. 

  With students trying to adjust to the world of online learning, are they finding success? Is virtual learning effective? 

  If enforced correctly, going virtual is  a great solution to teaching students in a pandemic.  There are many positives and negatives that can come with it. 

  On the positive side, students can access their work anytime while still having structure from teachers.  In addition, students gain valuable digital skills which are vital to the online world we live in today. 

  On the other hand, working from home does result in more distractions. Teachers can’t see when their students are struggling, and they have to depend on homework and tests to reflect understanding rather than in a classroom where students can demonstrate comprehension through group activities and discussions. Not to mention, at any moment there could be technical issues. 

 Sanderson junior, Layal Sadik says, “It has made me kind of lazy and unfocused because of all the distractions around me.”


  Many Sanderson students have mixed feelings about digital learning for the 2020-2021 school year. Some students worry about the loss of community and wonder how people adjust. 

  When asked his opinions on virtual learning, Sanderson junior, Jack Dorta shared, “I enjoy not having to wake up as early. However, I hate not being in a community environment with my friends and peers. I feel as if it is not effective because everyone learns differently and this can’t accommodate those different learning styles well” 

  However, some students appreciate feeling less stressed and pressured to do assignments immediately because they can do them in the comfort of their own home and on their time. Sanderson junior Anna Grace D’Amico said,“I get to be comfortable in my bed and do things on my time instead of being pressured into doing it in school around people who make me uncomfortable.” 

   Many freshmen who were looking to start fresh in highschool felt overwhelmed. Sanderson freshman, Callie Carter commented, “For me, virtual learning isn’t exactly how I wanted my freshman year to go. I was pretty excited for high school but I can’t physically go to school. I would say I’ve been less productive. I don’t hate it though, I do like being at home but it’s just not how I wanted to spend my freshman year.”

  Although there are many concerned parents, students, and teachers all over the county, the students are pushing through and making the most of the resources they have by trying their best to keep a positive attitude. 


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