Highlights from the DNC


The Wall Street Journal

The Democratic National Convention concluded August 20.

  The 2020 Democratic National Convention was held this past week from August 17-20. From the biggest names in Democratic politics delivering speeches, to famous music artists performing, this was definitely a DNC for the books. 

  The first day of the convention included speeches from Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders, among others. Michelle Obama delivered a powerful speech about the importance of fighting for change. She quoted late civil rights activist John Lewis, “When you see something that is not right, you must say something; You must do something.” Earlier in the speech, she discussed her disapproval of President Trump and his administration. She went on to say the President has had more than enough time to prove he is fit to lead the country, and he has yet to do so. 

  On Tuesday, August 18 speakers included, Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Former President Bill Clinton, and Former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden. 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter gave their endorsement for presidential candidate Joe Biden in a tribute video. 

  The third day included speeches from Senator Elizabeth Warren, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, President Barack Obama, and a musical performance from Billie Eilish. Former President Barack Obama urged listeners to understand the importance of the upcoming election. The nearly 20 minute speech can best be summarized with this line spoken by President Obama, “We should expect that regardless of ego, ambition, or political beliefs; the president will preserve, protect and defend the freedoms and ideals that so many Americans marched for, went to jail for, fought for, and died for.” This powerful statement made by the former president forces Americans to ask themselves if our current President is truly upholding these expectations. 

  On the last day of the convention, viewers heard from Pete Buttigieg, Senator Cory Booker, Mike Bloomberg, and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Biden accepted the Democratic nomination in a 25 minute speech, that news reporters described as one of his most articulate speeches.  In his speech he discussed his plan to help fight the Coronavirus by increasing the number of free tests, paid leave for those affected by the outbreak, and eliminating the repression of health officials’ research and advice. He also discussed his promise to focus on younger generations and their call for equal rights. Other topics discussed included: voter suppression, taxing the wealthy 1%, climate change, his role as Commander in Chief, and the Black Lives Matter movement. He finished his speech with a simple, yet powerful conclusion, “This is a battle that we, together, will win. I promise you. Thank you. And may God bless you. And may God protect our troops.”

  Politically active senior, Allena Harris watched Presidential elect Joe Biden’s speech skeptically.  Harris expressed that he was not her first choice for president. After watching she said, “I support a lot of his policies and respect him for choosing to address the systemic racism in this country. I also dislike our current president, a lot.”

  The Republican National Convention began earlier this week and concluded August 27 with a speech from current president Donald Trump. It is extremely important for Americans to watch speeches from both conventions and make an educated decision on their vote. The upcoming election is crucial for the future of us, our children, and generations after. 

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