Sanderson welcomes students despite new changes


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Seniors celebrating the start of the school year in the senior parade.

  New year, new…changes? Before COVID-19, the beginning of the year was a time students were most excited about. In the wake of the switch to online school, Sanderson is trying their best to continue that excitement.

  Many students and teachers have never done online schooling before, so this is a new experience for everyone. But while we adjust to the new changes, let’s get an understanding of how Sanderson has welcomed students this year. 

  First, we have the senior breakfast. Every year Sanderson welcomes the new class of seniors with a grand breakfast. 

  Sanderson senior, Margaret Haygood attended the senior breakfast with the class of 2021. She shared, “We started out in the Trinity Church parking lot, where we were handed a bagged breakfast and then asked to stay in the parking lot for a few more minutes. We left Trinity around 6:20 a.m. to drive to school where we were greeted by friends, family, and faculty standing in the parking lot, and carpool lane. After that we went home to our computers to begin the first day.”

  Haygood described that most of the cars had decorations to show Sanderson Spartan spirit. She also added that many teachers, administration, parents and family, and even neighbors from close neighborhoods were out greeting the new senior class.

  Bridget Stees, another senior, also attended the breakfast and she confessed, “I liked being able to see friends I hadn’t seen since March (due to the closing of Sanderson) and it was a great experience that actually made the school year feel normal at least for a little while.”

  Not only does this school year affect the senior class, but also the new freshman class.

  Freshman year is one of the most important years of high school.  Not only academically, but also socially. 

  Freshman Ashley Godines, said that she thought her first year in high school would be a new beginning in a new environment. She thought she would see new faces, new courses, and discover new spirits. 

  Academically, Godines said she thinks the work is more challenging online than in person. She was so used to physically going to school that now, even as part of the younger generation, she finds online learning a little difficult. 

  Godines responds to how she feels about the school year. She says, “I’m excited to see how I will build new friendships and relationships. And also how I will experience the 2020-21 school year.” 

  Even though students cannot spend five days a week with their classmates in person, they’re taking a chance on online learning. 

  So far, Sanderson is doing a great job transitioning students from in-person to online classes. By providing students with extensive technology assistance along with all the resources needed to succeed, staff and faculty have done all they can to make students comfortable with their new type of learning. 

  Overall, students have begun to assimilate to the new changes of the school year. There may be ups and downs, but Spartans can overcome any obstacle.