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Don’t let COVID bring you down

August 26, 2020

A family on a hike while wearing masks.

Wisconsin Public Radio

A family on a hike while wearing masks.

  There are plenty of activities to do despite the pandemic closures and delays.  It is important to take this time to focus on positive thoughts rather than the negative. 

   Many Spartans discovered new ways to take their mind off the pandemic this year. Their activities range from enjoying the outdoors to staying home and just relaxing.

  One Senior Spartan exclaimed, “I play tennis and go on walks to keep my mind off of COVID-19.”

  Physical exercise releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins which leave people feeling happy and relaxed. There is no better time than now to go for walks and spend time outside because the weather is beautiful.

  Senior Danielle Paccio said “ A few friends and I have been hiking a lot. We often walk around Shelly Lake and Lake Lynn. We also like to hike Fall Lake Trail and enjoy River State Park”

  Shelly Lake and Lake Lynn have gorgeous sceneries where people can take pictures of wildlife or friends and family. Bicycling is another great way to spend time at the park.

  If the outdoors are not preferable, sometimes unwinding on the couch watching Netflix is an effective stress reliever. 

  In addition to activities, many Spartans have taken on part time jobs before or after school. Senior, Alex Bree spends her time working and saving up her money while Junior Abbie Shannon invests her time at the pool after a long week. 

     The possibilities are endless with what someone could do with their free time. Life comes with unfortunate circumstances, but dwelling on them will not make those circumstances go away.

  It is important to know that continuously watching the news contributes to feelings of anxiety and often anger. Especially during a time like this, changing the channel to something else might be the best option. 

  If the pandemic has got you feeling down, consider trying one of these spartan-approved activities. 


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