Valentine’s Day Quiz

Give your opinion on these Valentine’s Day gifts and we’ll guess your relationship status!


Would you rather receive…?

  1. A big teddy bear
  2. A bouquet of flowers
  3. Balloons


Would you rather eat…?

  1. Gummy bears
  2. Candy hearts
  3. Chocolate truffles


What message is most meaningful to you?

  1. A heartfelt card
  2. A cheesy poem
  3. A gift speaks louder than words


Where would you rather spend Valentine’s Day?

  1. At a fancy restaurant
  2. At a movie theatre
  3. At a theme park


Which expensive gift would you prefer?

  1. A diamond necklace
  2. A tiara
  3. A gold watch


Which tech-related gift would you like?

  1. An iPhone 11 Pro Max
  2. A Peloton tread
  3. A MacBook Air 


Mostly A’s: You are in a committed relationship, and the end of it is nowhere in sight. Your significant other is your best friend, shoulder to cry on, and partner in crime. Your strong relationship can overcome any problem thrown your way. 

Mostly B’s: It’s complicated. You enjoy each other’s company when things are easy and fun, but even a small bump in the road throws you off track. If you put in the effort and work on important skills like communication and compromise, your relationship could go from “it’s complicated” to “it’s official”.


Mostly C’s: You’re just friends. Nothing special is going on in your romantic life, but that’s perfectly fine. This is a great time to focus on yourself. No need to compromise, you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Take this day to treat yourself to something nice.