“You” Renewed for Season 2

Penn Badgley playing the role of stalker Joe Goldberg.


Penn Badgley playing the role of stalker Joe Goldberg.

The Netflix Original Series “You” has made a comeback with the release of season two. Penn Badgley plays the cynical character Joe Goldberg who will make a reappearance acting as Will Bettleheim and meets the new “love of his life.”


The series “You” entertains the question of “what would you do for love?” Viewers become infatuated  with the twisted mind of Joe Goldberg and follow him on his path to love with the beloved character Guinivere Beck. 


Fans are taken for a wild ride as they join Joe on his hunt for love. While his journey begins with innocent internet searches, he quickly turns evil. His desire for love overwhelms his mind as he begins to kill anything or anyone standing in his way. Viewers quickly learn that Joe would do anything for love.

Following the first season, fans were hungry for more and curious to understand the twisting finale of season one. Admirers will again follow Joe Goldberg on his journey to L.A to rediscover himself. 


To begin, Joe assumes a new identity of Will Bettelheim. Will committed himself to taking a break from love but this was quickly tested when he met Love Quinn. Season two tells an epic story of romance and desire all while entertaining the murderous mind of Will Bettleheim,


 Ironically, viewers beg the question once more, what will Joe do for Love?