“Rise of Skywalker” Disappoints



The latest Star Wars movie is a letdown.

The Ninth movie in the Skywalker Saga was very disappointing. 


It is impossible to talk about why the most recent movie in the Star Wars franchise was so bad without spoiling the plot: which was in fact, the worst part of the movie. The plot twist involving Rey’s parents seemed to have come out of nowhere.


The actors were trying their best, and did a decent job considering they were given a bad script. The script the second problem. Besides lacking a well-written script, the dialogue was awful.


Everything seemed to be a bad attempt at a quip or just repeating the obvious, none of the jokes really landed. 


With the exception of one very unnecessary scene involving quicksand, the special effects were well done


The movie made so many inexplicable choices for the end result of a plot that mirrors Return of the Jedi without providing any of the payoff. 


The overall feeling the film gave off was that it was trying to pander to everyone and therefore appealed to no one. This can be found in references to the prequels there for no reason. Undoing all of the character development from the Last Jedi to appeal to the audience who liked the Force Awakens but not the Last Jedi.