Best Dressed at the Golden Globes


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This year’s Golden Globes featured a variety of intriguing outfits.

  The 77th annual Golden Globes were held on January 5, and not only are there talented actors, but also great dressers. Here’s a list of the top five best dressed actors and entertainers.

1. Priyanka Chopra

Footwear News

Image Source: Footwear News

  This simple, yet classy, look is the perfect fit for such a special occasion. The accessories and vintage hairstyle gives Chopra’s look a dramatic, old Hollywood, and elegant feel. 

  With Bulgari jewelry that costs over a million dollars, a classic red lip, and a bright pink dress that perfectly fits, she is definitely one of the best dressed. I best believe Nick Jonas may also think that.

2. Renee Zellweger

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  Ah yes, another sophisticated look with a solid bright color. Words can’t describe how beautiful this sleek gown is and the crystal details only makes it more gorgeous.

  Zellweger wore this bright gown designed by Armani Prive down the red carpet. Her matching colored shoes, light accessories, and up-do clearly shows that the dress was supposed to stand out.

  Let the audience tell you, Zellweger, it surely did. Your look has made it onto the list of the best dressed at the Globes.

3. Billy Porter

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Image Source: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

  Talk about iconic! The Pose actor, Billy Porter, wows the audience with another iconic outfit that pleases the eyes.

  Porter is known for defying gender stereotypes and being an LGBTQ member, and we love it! The audience, and fans, admire how creative his style is and how his outfits always has a balance between femine and masculine.

  Porter was seen in an all white tuxedo with a feathered tail made by Alex Vinash. It isn’t his first time he’s worn a dramatic look to an award show, and I hope he never stops.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Image Source: wire image / Daniele Venturelli 

  Take a moment to admire this gown. Focus on the detailed ruffles on the dress, the gigantic diamond Bulgari necklace, and slicked back hair, what’s not to love?

  Although the audience has had mixed reactions about her see-through dress, you can’t deny, it’s a look. Not only does her look puts her on best dressed, but how she also wore confidence through the night.

  What’s not to love about Ms.Paltrow? She’s unapologetic, confident, and an overall amazing woman and person. 

5. Da’vine Joy Randuolph


Image Source: Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

  Da’vine is the perfect person to wear a perfectly fitted magenta dress. She gave off a glamorous feel with a nice side parted hairstyle, and a colourful eye look.

  The puffy sleeve detail makes this simple solid color dress stand out between all the slip-on dresses. She also shows off a romantic look by showing a little leg out her dress slip. 

  Her bare neck makes your eyes focus on her dress, and solely her dress. From the hair, makeup, and this lovely dress, she’s on the top five best dressed.