Top 5 Christmas Movies


Top 5 Christmas movies.

  It has been said that Christmas is the most special time of the year. Nothing can bring more joy to a person than receiving touching gifts, and spending the day appreciating the grateful people in your life. 

  Family is an important part of Christmas. Whether it’s biological or chosen, this special day should be enjoyed with the very special people in your life.

  Some activities you and your loved ones can do are ice skating, baking cookies, gingerbread house decorating and of course, watching Christmas movies. Speaking of Christmas movies, here is a list of underappreciated Christmas movies you and your family could enjoy.

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas


  Yes, the Nightmare Before Christmas can be considered a Christmas movie as equally as a Halloween movie. This movie is considered underappreciated because of people’s debate on what holiday it’s representing. 

  Student, sophomore Margaret Haygood, claims “It’s definitely a Christmas movie, anyone that says otherwise is crazy.” Although, many think otherwise and they are also not incorrect.


2. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer


  Although some of us could remember this early 2000’s animated Christmas movie, sadly it has been forgotten by many. This is a great movie for kids to enjoy during the holidays because of its child friendly language and plot.








  1. The Polar Express


  This iconic movie is very well-known, but not everyone’s first choice. It would be wonderful to reminisce on how loved this movie was by children of past generations, and to continue having that love.




  1. Elf

  Will Ferrel’s funny, child-like character as an elf should never be allowed to be forgotten. This comedic Christmas movie is perfect for family and friends to enjoy together while wrapped in cozy blankets in the living room.








  1. Goodluck Charlie, It’s Christmas

  Goodluck Charlie: It’s Christmas!, is one of Disney’s best Christmas movies ever. However, it’s only appreciated by the only generation that’s viewed it.

  There’s a factor all these movies share, they’re only appreciated the most by a single generation. Different generations come together