“Santa’s Little Helper” Partners with United Way 



Scott Chalkey, a man who loves to spread holiday cheer to young children.

  Scott Chalkey is Santa’s new helper who is a jolly old soul that loves to bring smiles and excitement to young children during the holidays. Chalkey is currently married with two children. He began to receive voicemails from children who thought they were leaving a message for Santa Clause about eight years ago.

  Chalkley wondered why kids would always call his number looking for Santa Clause. He  browsed through the internet, when he found out that his phone number is distinctively similar to Santa Clause’s.

  Chalkey quickly became fond of answering calls and receiving voicemails from kids that called. He listens to their Christmas wish list and always encouraged kids to continue to stay on the nice list. He says “I couldn’t get to all of them, so I sent a lot of them to voicemail,” Chalkley said. “They started leaving me messages of what they wanted for Christmas.”

  A few kids asked for pets such as dogs and fishes or toys like scooters, coloring books, and stuffed dolls. These adorable messages touched Chalkey, and inspired him to partner with United Way. United Way is a coalition of established charities, faith based organizations, and social and health groups that help and provide for people’s safety, health, wellbeing and social and economic development in America. 

   They hope to encourage people to be generous and to donate to the MERRIE Christmas Project that helps provide food and Christmas gifts to families in Georgia who are in need.

Together they created a website called “For a Good Claus,” and uploaded the children’s voicemails to their website.

  Ever since“For a Good Clause” has been uploaded they reached up to $1,000 to support children and their families.

  This goes to show that doing a small deed can make a big difference in the end. Chalkey continues to answer calls from kids, and he uses a special Santa laugh when he answers their calls.