Sanderson Tops Food Drive


SHS Executive Council

Sanderson donated 243,871 meals to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC this year.

The annual food drive to collect food for the Foodbank of Central and  Eastern North Carolina ended with Sanderson High School collecting the most food again.Sanderson’s student body raised 243,871 pounds of food. 

Sanderson donated 34,484 pounds more pounds this year than in 2018  when they collected 209,387 pounds of food. 

A variety of programs were used to collect food including a Variety Show and Volleybros. The two main methods used to raise money were the 1st and 4th Period competitions,  both of which were won by classes Mr.Story taught. 

Story’s first period A.P Human Geography class won the First Period Competition, raising 31,857 pound and winning a free breakfast. His 4th Period World History class won access to a  dessert bar. 

Asked about his wins, Story said “ The fact I won is great for not just me but for my students. The food drive is for the students who proved despite what people say about them they aren’t completely self absorbed.”

Julianna Card of the Executive Council released a statement that declares,“The student body is proud we’ve come together to raise donations for the food bank because it’s a continuation of the Sanderson tradition and displays our care for the community.”

Sanderson High School’s winning streak of raising more food than the other Wake County Schools stretches back more than 15 years.