Best Tech Gifts for this Holiday Season

There are many new items perfect for tech gifts this holiday season.


There are many new items perfect for tech gifts this holiday season.

  Whether you’re looking for a present for a friend or a family member, it’s hard to go wrong with a new tech product. This year has plenty of tech gifts to offer, enough for everyone on your shopping list. Here are some of the top five tech gifts anyone would appreciate this holiday season:


Apple Airpods Pro:


These headphones, released in 2019, are a great gift for anyone with an iPhone. Everyone listens to either music, videos, or podcasts on their phones, and these Airpods would make the experience much easier and comfortable. Even if they already have regular earbuds, giving them these would be a great way to tell them to get rid of the strings and take a step into the wireless world. 





Roomba Robot Vacuum:


If you know how much your parents or grandparents hate vacuuming, any version of the Roomba Robot Vacuums would make a thoughtful gift. These high-tech vacuums will map and clean an entire house, ensuring that your loved ones never pick up a vacuum again.


IVY Mini Photo Printer:


For that one friend who loves decorating with pictures, this portable photo printer is the perfect gift. This Canon printer allows you to instantly print peel-and-stick photos from your phone or favorite social media sites. Besides printing water and tear resistant pictures, it lets you customize the picture with filters, stickers, and text.





Phillips Pocket Projector:



Everyone has at least one favorite TV show or movie they’d love to see on the big screen. A mini projector would be the next best thing. The Phillips Pocket Projector allows you to easily project pictures and videos wirelessly. Even when you’re on the go, just slip the projector in your pocket and take your life size pictures and videos anywhere you go. 




Nintendo Switch Lite:


This newly released model by Nintendo is a great gift for anyone who loves video games and is constantly on the go, allowing them to squeeze in a quick game between classes or work. This console is especially better for younger gamers since the device comes in one piece, as opposed to the original Switch that can be taken apart.