Did Lizzo’s Actions Cross the Line?


Lizzo’s live video response on Instagram.

  American singer Lizzo, known for her number one song “Truth Hurts,” is currently under fire on social media for her “vulgar outfit” and “inappropriate dancing” at a Los Angeles Lakers game December 8. Some social media users rushed to defend the popular singer, while others were quick to criticize her actions.  At the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game, Lizzo was seen twerking in a revealing outfit. Her outfit consisted of an oversized t-shirt with a cutout of her rear end that was displayed on the stadium’s enormous TV leaving the game’s audience, and her fans, in shock.

  Lizzo is an international icon in pop culture, and this means that the students of Sanderson High School are very aware of her actions.

Sanderson junior Michael Touray  stated he was aware of the incident. “It could have made families very uncomfortable,” he stated. On social media, users have shared their opinions about her outfit, which led to heated debates. Fans of Lizzo are defending her right to wear what she feels confident in, while others are saying it’s inappropriate for a family event.

  Student freshman Isabelle Allen says, “I think it’s not something I would particularly wear or do myself, but I think that it was very bold of her, and I fully support her!” 

  However,  other students have said otherwise and are not supportive of her actions. Sanderon junior Grant Webb says ,“Is it legal for her to expose that much of herself?” 

  Eventually this leads us to ask, what is appropriate for a game event? Should there really be a dress code in order for someone to enjoy a good game?

   As a response, Lizzo posted a video stating how she feels about the criticism from the situation. She live streamed an emotional response t while addressing the situation and defending herself in a positive and mature manner on Instagram. 

    There isn’t a said answer or a dress code to how someone should dress for a game. People can be free to wear what they want and in Lizzo’s defense, she did not  do anything wrong. People’s criticism will remain as simply criticism.