The Bathroom Policy Stinks



Something has to be done with the schools bathroom policy.

Bathrooms serve the purpose of letting students go when they need to, so why is there so much restriction on the bathroom policy? Students shouldn’t have to sit with their legs crossed and wait for 20 minutes to pass before they can use the restroom. 

  The bathroom policy states that students cannot leave for the first 20 minutes or the last 20 minutes of class. This just seems like too much time.

    Most teachers take less than 15 minutes to explain the lesson plan, so it is impractical to keep a student waiting for 20 minutes to use the bathroom before and after.

    Students have approximately five minutes to get to each class. Some classes take at least three to four minutes to walk to. This means students won’t have enough time to use the bathroom between classes. 

  Junior Jack Floyd claimed, “Students should check in with teachers to go to the bathroom and this way they are only missing two minutes of class.”

Sanderson senior Asa Jackson , “I believe that the bathroom policy is efficient in making sure students aren’t trying to skip class. In terms of five minute intervals between classes, I believe it’s asking much from the students. It is just a matter of how fast you’re walking and of being mindful of other students. You can’t shove past everybody.”

  Another issue with the bathroom policy is some teachers only allow students to go to the restroom one at a time. This is not practical because there is at least 25 students in each class, and more than likely there is going to be more than one person that needs to use the bathroom at any given time.

  Senior Ellie Struble says, “ I don’t mind the one person per bathroom pass but I do not like how we have restrictions because that is unfair to people who need to go for medical purposes.”

  Either the six minute timeframe that it takes for a student to get to each class needs to increase or the timeframe on how long a student has to wait to use the restroom needs to decrease.