Prince Andrew Resigns from Royal Duties


Washington Post

Prince Andrew resigned from his royal duties.

The second son of Queen Elizabeth has recently landed himself in some hot water. Prince Andrew is facing increasing questioning over his ties to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.


Epstein was convicted of child trafficking in 2008, but for years after that Prince Andrew continues to stay in contact with him. He was arrested and charged for additional sex crimes on July 6 of this year.


A little over a month later he died under mysterious circumstances on August 10. Epstein was notable due to his ties to many rich and influential figures including Bill Gates and former United States President Bill Clinton.


One of Epstein’s victims accused Prince Andrew of sexually assaulting her when she was 17. 


He agreed to an interview on the BBC in order to respond to the accusations. The interview which took place on November 16th was widely criticized.


Critics took special note of a claim he could not sweat due to an injury sustained in the Falklands War.  

Following widespread backlash following the interview he resigned from his royal duties indefinitely on November 20.