Cosgrove Inspires STEM Students

 Miranda Cosgrove is back on the big screen with her new TV show Mission Unstoppable.


Miranda Cosgrove is back on the big screen with her new TV show “Mission Unstoppable.”

  Miranda Cosgrove’s new TV series “Mission Unstoppable” is exhilarating, educational, and inspiring young girls across America. Cosgrove is the host of the show and introduces a wide spectrum of accomplished women in the field of STEM.

  Cosgrove is a talented and beloved icon that has starred in many movies and tv shows. She started her childhood acting career with various television commercials.

  Her big break came at the age of 10 when she got cast in the  movie School of Rock. Ever since then, she has acted on Drake and Josh and in the hit sitcom iCarly.

  After iCarly, she decided to go to the University of Southern California in 2012. Cosgrove discovered and studied her true love for psychology, but her journey did not stop there. 

  Cosgrove took her passion of psychology and turned it into her new TV show “Mission Unstoppable” currently airing on CBS. She is currently the host and one of the executive producers on the show. 

  “Mission Unstoppable” presents  accomplished and captivating innovators. Women that are zoologist, astronauts, oceanographers, and codebreakers engage and inform the viewers with new facts that pertain to their occupation each episode.

  The audience for this show is typically between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. Cosgrove fell in love with the thought of reaching out to young girls.

 Seventeen Magazine interviewed with Cosgrove this month about why she wanted to be part of “Mission Unstoppable.” She said that “ I knew young girls would be seeing and that maybe they realize all the different job opportunities that fall under STEM since there really wasn’t a show like that for me when I was little…. I was also excited just hoping that young girls will get to see it and realize the different opportunities they have.

She also commented, “IF/THEN is this initiative with Lyda Hill Philanthropies and they’re a big part of the show and their whole thing is that they’re trying to show young girls through media [all the things they can be]. They want to put different characters into TV shows and get it out that there are different fields in STEM, just like these women we’re showcasing that have different jobs and show people, ‘hey, you can be like that.”  

  Cosgrove continues to be an extraordinary role model in the eyes of young kids. Her dedication to the show and what she wants people to learn from it shows that her heart and her goals are in the right place.