Gobble these Holiday Dishes

Be sure to try something new this holiday season.


Be sure to try something new this holiday season.

It’s the holiday season, and everyone is planning feasts with the ordinary mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, and turkey meal that is shared every year. As most Americans were taught growing up, this feasting tradition started in 1621 when the pilgrims and Native Americans shared food from the old world and the new world. However, you could change up your Thanksgiving dinner with different but delicious dishes for your family and friends.

  If you’re not familiar with the average American Thanksgiving dinner; a few foods Americans eat on this special holiday are potatoes, corn, ham, stuffing, turkey, and more items. This is because of the exchange of food between natives and pilgrims during the first thanksgiving, which has been modified over the past centuries. 

  Students from Sanderson such as Junior Amanee Burwell can confirm that the statement is true. After asked what Burwell eats every year she replied with listing, “Ham, turkey, yams, mac and cheese, chicken, collard greens, green beans, and potato salad,” and after asking if she has any special type of dish her family makes she replies, “Nope. My family is basic.”

  Yet it is not against the tradition to eat out of the Thanksgiving standard. Since the first thanksgiving dinner, there have been many cultures that evolved into upgrading the holiday dinner with new foods such as baked mac and cheese, cornbread, and banana pudding that you’ve probably already have added into your special meal.

  This year you could add some peculiar dishes into your dinner. Here’s an example of a few rare dishes to eat for the holiday such as… 

  1. Corn Casserole

  You probably have eaten a casserole for Thanksgiving and you’ve probably eaten cornbread as well, but have you ever thought of mixing the two dishes? Corn casserole is a slightly sweet and bready platter that tastes just like cornbread. 

2. Lasagna 



  Lasagna isn’t a dish usually eaten during this particular holiday. The Italian meal is very popular and loved in the US, but has it ever been made for this special day? It could be the main course for children with particular taste in food or just an added option to the buffet.



3. Crescent Wreath

  Crescents are known as the classic French pastry eaten for breakfast or as a treat but they can also be an appetizer for your Thanksgiving dish. Whether it be filled with spinach, cheese, meat, or the usual plain, they’ll be enjoyable and shareable.

  1. Cheeseballs

 Creamy, crunchy, and delightful are three words to describe cheeseballs. They can be bite sized or served as a platter to start off the big feast.

  1. Toasted Ravioli



  Ravioli is also another popular Italian pasta dish served with sauce but this year, you should try toasting the filled pastries. The crunchy outside with soft filling of cheese, sauce, and meat will explode flavor inside your mouth.

  However, this holiday isn’t only about what type of food to eat but what you enjoy with your loved ones. Sophomore student, Roberto Mora Munoz says, “I always make food from my culture every year (such as tamales or pozole) even though it isn’t apart of the American Thanksgiving feast, it’s just what our family likes to do.”

  Thanksgiving is the day your stomach is the happiest. Since your stomach will be filled with tons of food, it is best to try making different or new types of food to eat with you and your loved ones this holiday season.