State Fair Disease Scare


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An outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease caused some Raleigh residents to skip the fair.

  Fall festivities begin in Raleigh with the annual North Carolina State Fair. This year, some residents refused to visit the 2019 state fair because of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease.

  Legionnaires’ Disease is a rare form of pneumonia, and it is deadly. The disease killed four State Fair attendees who became infected by a hot tub display at the N.C. Mountain State Fair a month before the fair in Raleigh. 

  In Asheville, the disease formed by Legionella bacteria, which naturally grows in warm water and can spread if hot tubs are not properly maintained. Those in contact with the display were at risk. 

  News of the disease outbreak had spread fast and quickly throughout the city of Raleigh. Very soon after, some Sanderson students were aware and quite disturbed.

  Sanderson freshman Wit Haygood says, “I first heard about the disease at school while talking with my friends.” After learning this information, Haygood decided not to attend the fair this year.

  Sophomore Jeffery Cuyler also didn’t attend the state fair after hearing about the dangerous disease. “I heard about it from my parents and it sounded disgusting.” 

  Junior Isabelle Fertile, attended the fair without any knowledge of Legionnaires. “The fair can be nasty, but I have always been avoidant of certain areas such as bathrooms or stair railings to prevent myself from getting sick,” she stated.

  In the end, it becomes a person’s decision whether or not they attend the fair knowing the possible risk factors. The people of North Carolina are content with their decisions and opinions of attending the fair or staying at home.