“1989” Celebrates Five Years

1989 celebrates five years.


“1989” celebrates five years.

October 27 marked the fifth anniversary of Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album, 1989. In honor of the iconic album’s birthday, here are the songs ranked: 


  1. “Shake It Off”- “Shake It Off” is last on my list because of its constant hype on the radio and in pop culture. Its repetitive chorus and surface level lyrics make this song one of my least favorites. 


  1. “This Love”- “This Love” is one of the only slower songs on the album. Its acoustic guitar and chilling vocals makes it perfect to listen to while trying to relax, but it is one of my least favorite on the album overall. 


  1. “I Wish You Would”- “I Wish You Would” has one of the best beats of the album, but the lyrics do not resonate with me like other tracks of the album do. 


  1. “I Know Places”- “I Know Places” has such a great build up to the chorus, which puts this song in my top 10. The verses have an almost haunting feel to them which lead up to the classic Taylor Swift belt found in the chorus. The song showed a new side of Swift, while still keeping her signature singing. 


  1. “Welcome To New York”- “Welcome To New York” is easily one of the most fun songs on the album. It makes listeners feel like they have been transported to the city full of opportunity and dreams. 


  1. “Out Of The Woods”- Swift is no stranger to singing about her past relationships, and “Out Of The Woods” is one of her best in this category. The song is about her finding the courage to leave a relationship that she knew was no longer working, something most people can relate to. 


  1. “All You Had To Do Was Stay”- “All You Had To Do Was Stay” is about the desperation Swift felt when all she wanted was for the song’s subject to stay. Although the lyrics are laced with somewhat painful memories of the past, it is still a fun and upbeat song to listen to. 


  1. “Clean”- “Clean” makes me feel the nostalgia of Swift’s old music. The childlike beat and incredible vocals make this song one of my favorites. 


  1. “Wildest Dreams”- With its vintage sound and music video to go along with it, “Wildest Dreams” is the perfect song for the hopeless romantic in us all. Swift was able to show a different side of her in both the video and in the harmonizations of the song. 


  1. “Bad Blood”- “Bad Blood” is easily one of Swift’s most iconic songs—from the huge music video reveal starring some of the best women in the entertainment industry, to the controversy surrounding the track about her and Katy Perry’s feud. The remix with Kendrick Lamar hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, proving the song’s hype is well-deserved. 


  1. “How You Get The Girl”- “How You Get The Girl” is hands down the most upbeat and fun song on the album. It’s hard to not get up and dance around when this song comes on. 


  1. “Style”- “Style” is one of Swift’s slower, more dramatic songs and it worked so well with her vocal range and lyrics. Rumors surrounded the song saying it was written about her ex Harry Styles. Whoever it was really about, the end result was better than we could have ever asked for. 


  1. “Blank Space”- “Blank Space” takes the top spot for this album. The music video and story line throughout the song makes it feel like Swift is singing you a story. Not only is it extremely entertaining, but the song was produced to perfection and is easily one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs.