Hazardous Relationships Take Toll on Teens

Unhealthy relationships can result in both mental and physical damages for teens.

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Unhealthy relationships can result in both mental and physical damages for teens.

   Unhealthy relationships may lead teens  down a dark road of bad decisions and regret. A person in their youth are more impressionable and vulnerable to new and current relationships.

  As teens are surrounded by multiple forms of influence,  it can be challenging for them to distinguish between what is right and wrong. A teen that is constantly surrounded by the wrong influences may succumb to unhealthy habits l habits such as abusing drugs and retaining negative attitudes or thoughts of feeling worthless.

  These bad habits can affect how teens perform in school and how they interact with other people they encounter. 

     Family plays a significant role in a teen’s life. Family can be there to support teens, or they can cause trauma. People that abuse and take advantage of their role as a family member or friend are only implementing anger, depression, and discouragement.

  Friends can either support or completely destroy someone’s, goals, self esteem or achievements. Choosing friends wisely is something that is learned in middle and  high school. The people someone spends time with can greatly impact their thoughts and actions.

  Peers are those a person  encounters on a daily basis. Spreading kindness or showing a smile can turn someone’s awful day into a good one. However, tormenting someone verbally or socially can reflect negative impacts from both ends.

 Avoiding or preventing arguments is one step to creating beneficial and healthy relationships. Communication and forgiveness is useful when it comes to resolving conflicts between one another.

  The end results of having positive relationships in a teen’s life can allow them to live  a longer life, exhibit healthy behavior, and have a sense of purpose.

  Healthy relationships can also boost confidence and a clear mind. Confidence can help with job interviews and presentations in school. A clear mind also contributes to better learning and thinking skills.