Sanderson Tennis Aces Season

Sanderson tennis ended a strong season.


Sanderson tennis ended a strong season.

  Sanderson’s varsity tennis team rose to the occasion this season. James Brown, a new Sanderson teacher, took on the coaching position for the Lady Spartans varsity team this year.  

  The season started in late August and ended just a few weeks ago at the beginning of October.

  Varsity came out with 3 wins and 11 loses this season.

  The team came a long way in their last season with significant improvements within each match. Coach Brown described it as a decent season. He stated, “ Well overall record would state to some people’s eyes we had a good winning season. I believe we had a really good growing and positive season. All my players showed growth over all and I was very pleased with the outcome.”

  The Lady Spartans play for the Cap Seven Conference, which includes 7 Wake County schools.  Along the way they scored a couple wins and encountered fierce competition as well.

  Their greatest win happened when playing SouthEast Raleigh which ended with a remarkable score of 9-0.

  Throughout the entirety of their season, the strongest team Sanderson tennis played was Broughton High School. The match ended with a score of 9-0.

  Sanderson senior Juliana Craft finished her season this past weekend in state playoffs in semmes. Her overall record remains 22 and 1, which is a major accomplishment considering that it is the highest winning record in Sanderson tennis history. Brown says that he “could not be more proud of” Craft, and he continues to wish the best for her and her goals.

  Junior Kelly Porter, a j.v. tennis player, believes that whileCardinal Gibbons is  a tough team to beat, playing against Milbrook didn’t cause the team to break a sweat. Porter stated, “ I think it was a good season. My team supports and works well with each other. The overall experience was really fun,” she says, “and I got to meet new people.” 

    Coach Brown believes there is potential for some of his other players next season to move deep into the playoffs, but how training and preparing for next season is the focus for the Lady Spartans.