Vaping epidemic kills teenagers

The number of vaping-related injuries is increasing.

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The number of vaping-related injuries is increasing.

Teens are being hospitalized due to vaping, and health officials are becoming increasingly alarmed. 

  In 2019, over 1000 lung injuries caused by vaping or E-cigarettes have been  reported, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the number increases everyday. They also reported the first death due to a vaping-related illness in August 2019, and  26 more have followed. 

  Health officials are especially worried about the number of teenagers using vaping products. While the number of teens who smoked cigarettes is down since the 1990s, the number of teens vaping and using E-cigarette products is on the rise. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 15% of the reported lung injuries dealt with people under the age of 18. 

  This statistic could be due to the fact that vaping is more appealing to teens, as a wide variety of flavors are available. Vapes are also easier to get a hold of and keep hidden because they are small in size and resemble  flash drives. Since the vapor cloud is odorless, detecting students who vape is difficult. 

  High schools across the country are making efforts to reduce the number of students who vape. Besides review their tobacco and drug use policy, many are installing smoke detectors in the bathrooms, limiting access to the bathrooms, and increasing disciplinary action. 

  Sanderson is not excluded from the vaping epidemic. Administration has put up posters in the bathrooms in hopes to encourage students to quit vaping. Health class also teaches students about the harmful effects of smoking, vaping, and nicotine products. 

  While teens often view smoking as dangerous and nasty, they fail to see that vaping can be just as harmful or even worse.