Rock n’ roll stars are falling


Ultimate Classic Rock

Ric Ocasek, frontman of The Cars, is the latest in a string of rock n’ roll deaths.

September 15 marked the death of 75-year-old Ric Ocasek, frontman of both The Cars and the “New Wave” movement. On September 13th, “Take Me Home Tonight” singer Eddie Money took his last breath as well. Similar headlines have been sweeping the nation steadily throughout the last decade; David Bowie, Tom Petty, Glenn Frey, Prince, Chuck Berry, and so many other iconic musicians have all gone to rock n’ roll heaven since 2016. 

  The generation of Rock N’ Roll music; fueled by substances of dubious legality and propelled by thousands of adoring fans, is dying. The punks that moved to Hollywood with stars in their eyes are now old and withered. 

  With the exception of a brave few that are still touring, most artists of the rock n’ roll era are either dead or retired. Mick Jagger and Elton John are both in their seventies and still on world tours. For John, though, 2019 marks his last tour ever. After he tours the world one last time for “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” he plans to live out his days with his family. 

  In the wake of these deaths and retirements, the music world is changing. A shift from hardcore rock n’ roll to various genres of pop occurred in the 1990’s, and the era of rap music has taken over in the last decade. The Billboard top 100 is no longer filled with epic guitar solos, but rather the latest pop and hip hop sensations.  

    These musicians irrevocably altered the music industry by introducing the world to a new sound that fueled the countercultural movement for decades. But one thing remains true—“you can’t hold on forever.”