Sanderson volleyball ‘sets up’ new season

Sanderson volleyball looks forward to a new season.


Sanderson volleyball looks forward to a new season.

The Sanderson varsity volleyball team spikes a season opening 7-5 record. The lady spartans faced a tough lost against some of Sanderson’s biggest rivals including Millbrook and Cardinal Gibbons.

The Spartans swept the Wakefield Wolverines twice in a quick 3-0 match, that set the team on a hot streak, winning four games following their first game.

The Varsity Volleyball team has faced four head coaches in the past four years. The team is now  led by Coach Erica Brownlow and Sanderson alumna Bethany Salapek. Both the Junior Varsity and Varsity head coaches are Sanderson Volleyball alumni and played under Stephanie Rhodes. 

Carolyn Brueggeman earned a starting position on the Varsity team works with team captain and senior Chloe Smith to better her setting career. Smith and Brueggeman rotate onto the court to set their attackers up for game winning hits.

Smith comments on the success of the team: “we may not be able to produce a consistent winning record, each player has made noticeable improvements throughout the season and we are beginning to look like a family.”

The lady Spartans lost their match to the Leesville Pride in a 3-2 game. In varsity volleyball games are played best out of 5, in sets to 25. Against, Leesville the Spartans came close to a win, winning the first two sets.

Coach Browlow applauds her team, “Four coaches in four years does not make for a very consistent team but these girls have found a way to come together and really work to earn each point in their matches. Sandersons team is unique in the fact that our team is not built around athletes who play for other clubs, they are here because they want to be. As a coach I love to watch each of my players improve and I can say that I’ve seen that in every person this season.”

The Spartans look forward to continuing their season, growing as a team as athletes, and gaining student support in their next games.