Sanderson volleyball Digs Pink!


Sanderson High School

Sanderson’s annual Dig Pink fundraiser raised over $2,000 for the 1 of Us Foundation.

  The eighth annual Dig Pink volleyball game and fundraiser was a huge success. For the past eight years, Sanderson has hosted this fundraiser to raise both donations and awareness for women’s breast cancer research. 

  Last year, the game brought in over $1500 in proceeds for the 1 of Us foundation. Through ticket sales, t-shirt sales, and raffles, Sanderson surpassed their new fundraising goal of $2000.

  This year the game was against Sanderson’s main rival, Millbrook. This fact alone attracted many people to the game, but the raffles brought in a record crowd. Luke Bryan backstage passes, Kendra Scott jewelry, a football signed by Dave Doran, tickets to sports games, and more were raffled off at the game. 

  Mr. Mangum’s Project Management 2 class worked hard over the past 5 weeks planning for the event. Mr. Mangum’s class involvement in the event contributed to the increased fundraising goal. Students worked diligently collecting donations and spreading awareness about the event.

 All proceeds went to the 1 of Us Foundation, a local organization helping women with all kinds of cancer. The Dig Pink game broke records this year, becoming the biggest crowd at a Sanderson volleyball game in Sanderson history.