Add these Netflix shows to your list

Heres a list of underrated Netflix shows.


Here’s a list of underrated Netflix shows.

  Are you bored and looking for new shows to watch? Here’s a list of underrated Netflix shows to binge. 



1 ) Cable Girls

  If you’re interested in mystery, crime, romance, and the 1920s aesthetic, Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) is an amazing show to watch. The show stars four women that will do anything to keep their jobs, while also following their personal lives away from work. The show was originally in Spanish, but is now streaming in other languages, including English. 



2 ) Black Lightning

  Seeing a bit of super-hero action is always exciting. Main character Jefferson Pierce is a father, a school principal, and a secret super-hero saving his city from danger. This show is the definition of awesome.






3 ) Dead to Me 

  After a woman loses her husband to a car accident, she decides to join a support group. There she meets her best friend who has a secret of her own. This is definitely a show you will get attached to. Prepare to scream at your favorite character for making continuous bad decisions. 


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4 ) American Crime Story 

  If you’re interested in the Hollywood industry, and the secrets that lie within, American Crime Story has to be your top pick. The show has two seasons so far, which cover  O.J. Simpson’s trial and Gianni Versace’s assassination, respectively. This show has an amazing cast, which includes Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace and David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian. 



5 ) The Good Place

  The Good Place is currently trending on Netflix and if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out. The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop after her death to the afterlife, a place for the morally good. There, Shellstrop quickly realizes she has been wrongly identified. She meets three people struggling with moral decisions of their own, and together they unveil the secrets that lie within the “Good Place.” The comedy created by Parks and Recreation’s Michael Schur is a great watch, but can also get you thinking deeply about life.