Social media strikes again

Kids are giving into dangerous challenges due to social media.

ABC 7 News

Kids are giving into dangerous challenges due to social media.

  Social media is becoming a death trap for many kids and teens.  Dangerous and ignorant challenges are uploaded to social media every day, leaving kids severely injured or even dead.

   These challenges often receive millions of views, making the creator of the challenge famous for a short period of time. Their young audiences see and participate in the challenges, often in hopes of receiving similar fame. However, participating in the challenges can have serious consequences.

    One of the many dangerous challenges made popular through Instagram is the “Fire Spray Challenge”. This involves setting a person on fire after covering them in hairspray, which is extremely flammable. The goal of this challenge is for the participant to put the fire out quickly by pouring water on themselves or jumping into a swimming pool.

  In recent cases, participants catch fire severe burns appear on their body, which can cause them to enter a state of shock. This challenge often ends in a trip to the hospital.

  Another life-threatening challenge that contributes to teen injuries is the “Duct Tape Challenge” in which a person’s body is wrapped in duct tape, and the goal is to see how long it takes them to escape. Most people escape successfully without any injuries; however, this wasn’t the case for Skylar Fish. 

  Fish was hospitalized after hitting his head on the ledge of a window and then falling onto concrete. He was diagnosed with brain injuries and pinched nerves in his eye socket. 

Another challenge that swept the nation in 2018 involved the consumption of Tide Pods, which contain toxic chemicals.

  Becoming internet famous is an acceptable goal, but it should not involve harming oneself or others in the process. The problem with social media is that minimal restrictions are in place regarding uploadable content. If there were more restrictions on social media, this issue would be less severe.