Attack on Saudi oil facilities causes turmoil



An attack on a Saudi Arabian oil rig made world gas prices rise.

An attack on a Saudi Arabian oil rig made the world’s gas prices rise.

The U.S. and Saudi governments claim the drones and missiles used in the attack were launched from Iran, though the Iranian government denies the accusations.

An Iranian,-backed Yemeni rebel group called the Houthis has taken responsibility for the attacks.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest exporter of oil, shipping 10 million barrels of crude oil a day according to CNN. The attack on Saudi Arabia will greatly interfere with the world’s energy business.

The attack was motivated by a Saudi-led coalition’s intervention in the Yemeni civil war against the Iranian-backed Houthis. The Houthis follow the Shia branch of Islam like Iran, while Saudi Arabia follows the Sunni branch

In 2015, the Houthis ousted Yemen’s president Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, capturing Yemen’s capital city of Sanaa.

Worried by what they perceived to be Iranian interference in Regional politics, Saudi Arabia and other Arab Nations intervened in the war in order to reinstall President Hadi.

They put a blockade preventing imports from reaching Yemen, putting millions of Yemeni citizens at risk of starvation and began bombing the Houthi forces.

The attack was part of a larger conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia over regional domination of the Middle East, but so far the effects of the event remain to be seen.