Flu-shots save lives



The flu-shot.

Nearly 6% of all Americans seeking medical care now have flu symptoms, and at least 22 children have been killed by the influenza virus so far in 2019. The flu kills about 12,000 Americans in a mild year and up to 56,000 other years, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control.

  Although these statistics may be ominous, there is a simple way to significantly reduce the odds of contracting the flu this season. This is the flu shot.

  From convenience stores to doctor’s offices, the flu shot is available to virtually everyone. Between 162 million and 169 million vaccines will be filled this season. Surprisingly, this easy access to the vaccine has not been completely successful in attracting patients. There is still a large number of people who refuse to get the flu-shot.

  Last year, only 46.8 percent of people in the United States got the vaccine. This means more than half of the U.S. population did not. The reasons behind this shocking statistic vary from person to person, but every non-recipient could be at an increased risk of contracting the flu.

  Despite awareness campaigns and publicized risks, one reason that people don’t get vaccinated is because they do not care about the risk or consider themselves immune already. This flawed thinking leads to many hospitalizations each year.

  Another reason for such low vaccination rates is the straight stubbornness of the American people. According to the CDC, this is the first season that flu activity has been so widespread across the entire U.S.  Even with the risk that the flu poses, some parents still refuse to get their children vaccinated for the virus. Some argue that the flu shot has no benefit, while others question what is inside and the connection of the vaccine to the American government. This skeptical outlook held by parents is one of the many reasons the flu often spreads around schools during flu season. 

  Last year, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that the flu shot reduced the risk of illness by around 47% in vaccinated people. Even with the scientific proof that justifies the flu vaccine, American citizens still refuse to be vaccinated. The stubbornness of Americans needs to change before the virus kills more people.