Trump’s Taliban talks spark controversy

President Trump cancelled planned negotiations with the Taliban September 11.

Spiegel Online

President Trump cancelled planned negotiations with the Taliban September 11.

 President Trump planned to meet with the Taliban at Camp David on the 18th anniversary of Al Qaeda’s September 11th terrorist attack on the U.S.

  The Taliban is a fundamentalist Islamic group that governed Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.The group gained notoriety in America for sheltering Al Qaeda’s leadership prior to and shortly after the September 11th attacks. 

  Enraged by their support for terrorists and worried Al Qadea will continue to use Afghanistan to train terrorists and plan attacks, a coalition of Nations led by the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in October of 2001.

  An alliance of the UN coalition and Afghani opposition groups overthrew the Taliban government in November 2001. The Coalition began the task of building a new democratic government in Afghanistan.

  Remnants of the Taliban reformed as a loosely connected insurgency and began to perform terrorist attacks on the new Afghan government. The insurgency continues to this day.

  The war devolving into an endless quagmire has caused it to lose support among citizens of coalition countries and most of them withdrew. 

  Under former U.S. President Obama, the number of soldiers in Afghanistan greatly decreased. President Trump plans to completely disentangle the US from the Afghan wars.

  He invited the Taliban and the Afghan government to Camp David to discuss peace terms. 

  This move received criticism from both the Republican and Democratic parties, who claimed it was insensitive for the planned negotiations to be held on or near the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Additionally, many viewed the negotiations as a form of caving to terrorists’ wishes.

  The negotiations have since been cancelled, and many view believe it is due to government backlash. President Trump claims it was due to a Taliban attack killing an American soldier. 

  Regardless, sources say Taliban negotiations are unlikely in the near future.