Sanderson’s Food Ark reconveigns


Sanderson Food Ark

The first Food Ark meeting will be at 2:30 on Friday September 20 in room 124.

  Have you ever wondered how you can help combat food insufficiency? With North Carolina’s Food Ark organization, you can start in Wake County. 

 The Food Ark is a statewide, student-led organization which aids in community outreach and works with local schools to address the issue of hunger in North Carolina. The organization began as a club at Enloe High School, but now there are chapters at eight schools in the Triangle. 

The Sanderson chapter of the Food Ark began in 2018, but the group’s efforts were dismantled when poor soil and a lack of gardening space became limiting factors. 

  This year, according to club President Helen Gaitan, things will be different.  

  “Last year, we ran into issues because of flooding in the garden,” says Gaitan, “but we have decided to still do the garden despite any flooding issues that may occur. We are trying to work with the Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen for volunteering as well.”

  Additionally, the club aims to work with Sanderson’s PALS (Passing Along Lifelong Smiles) club on the garden, as it is right beside their classrooms. 

  The Food Ark chapter’s first meeting will be held in Ms. Dwyer’s room on Friday September 20, according to Gaitan. She says to come at 2:30 for refreshments, an introduction to the Food Ark’s goals; and most importantly, information about how all Sanderson students can get involved in the fight against hunger in the triangle.