Sanderson introduces new changes


Sanderson High School

Gretta Dula is Sanderson’s new principal.

 Sanderson spartans are encountering new surprises after summer break for the 2019-2020 school year. The developments range from staff additions to small details like new areas to eat lunch. 

  Sanderson’s new Principal, Ms. Gretta Dula, started Wednesday, September 4. She served as principal at Ligon Middle School for 10 years. As the recipient of the Magnet School of America – School of Excellence award in 2010, 2011, and 2013, Ms. Dula is well qualified to take Sanderson to new heights. She is a recipient of commendation from Raleigh’s Chief of Police for school safety, and is a nominee for Wake County’s 2019-2020 Principal of the Year. Ms. Dula has great expectations for Sanderson and is excited to be a Spartan. In addition to a new principal, Sanderson has gained 27 staff members this school year. 

  As all returning Sanderson students know, there have always been three lunches: A, B, and C. This year, C lunch has been eliminated. According to Assistant Principal Stephen Ausley, this is to minimize class interruptions and movement in the halls. Now, A lunch is from 10:31 to 11:06 before 3rd period and B lunch is from 12:06 to 12:41 after 3rd period. 

  In earlier years, the courtyard remained closed for all lunches. Despite it being a nice area to enjoy lunch, there were no staff members to keep an eye on the area; therefore, no students could sit there. Now, it is open to all seniors for both lunches. 

  These new changes are already working towards a fantastic spartan school year.