Fall fashion flatters

Sanderson students say crop tops are very “in” this fall.

You may be ready for the cool breezes and falling leaves that come with the upcoming season, but are you ready for the autumn fashion? If you are not sure what to wear, here are a few items Sanderson students think will be trending this fall:

Cropped Cardigans

Urban Outfitters

Let’s not end the trend of cropped clothing so soon. Whether you wear a cardigan as a shirt or layered on top of other clothing, it will look stylish. This piece will go great with your favorite pair of jeans and a cute pair of boots.

Bell Bottoms

These 70’s style jeans are perfect for fall. They go well with practically any shoes: boots, sneakers, heels, and platforms to name a few. They also help accentuate the length of your legs, making them look longer. Wearing these will give your style a more vintage flair.

Even Bolder Eye-Makeup


Since HBO’s new show Euphoria was released on June 16, the artsy makeup looks have had a huge impact on the social media world, particularly on high school students. This fall, don’t be afraid to wear colored eyeliner or bedazzle your eyes. Feel free to express yourself like the characters in Euphoria, it’s definitely in.


Cat-eye Glasses

While many think it is only possible to wear stylish glasses when the sun is out, that is not always true. A cute, neutral colored cat-eye paired with a black sweater could make you look fierce and cozy. You will feel like a celebrity.


Love Stylize

Statement Jewelry

Express yourself by wearing pieces of jewelry that demonstrate your taste in style. Whether you’re a fun person or a more sophisticated type, your jewelry should show that. Make a statement with statement jewelry.


You may follow the other five trends, but this is the most important. Always feel good in what you’re wearing. Remember to reassure yourself that what you wear makes you stand out from the rest and you are okay with that.