Holiday letter to Aunt Jill and Uncle Jimmy


Dear Aunt Jill and Uncle Jimmy,

How are you? I have missed you so much, and I can’t wait to see you this Christmas! I know there is still time before then, but I just want to speak to you on the matter of presents. Of course, I know Christmas isn’t about the presents— it’s about family and celebrating together blah blah blah.

However, I think we are at the point where I can be completely candid with you. Even though I loved the hand knitted scarf and matching mittens last year, I have outgrown the homemade gifts. When I was younger, the sparkly sweaters and Justice outfits were cute, but now I would rather not look like a disco ball. By the way, I stopped wearing Claire’s jewelry ages ago. To make things easier and more enjoyable for all of us, I decided to make you a specific list of possible gifts. Feel free to get me as many as you please. Remember, this doesn’t mean I am not grateful for the previous gifts, but it’s better you spend your time and money on something I actually need.

  • The iPhone XR in the coral color. Other colors will not be accepted. Only $749.
  • The Trinity Eye and Lip Enhancer from Sephora. On sale from $474 to $429.
  • Michael Kors Glossy Signature Backpack. Just $223.
  • A Tiffany & Co. Two chain ring. Only $450.

Finally, my number one pick, the gift that would top all gifts for eternity:

  • The new Apple 12-inch MacBook! It has up to ten hours of battery life and only weighs two pounds.

Since you guys are always talking about keeping up with my school work, this would be great for doing homework and typing papers. You can even get up to $50 in Apple gift cards if you turn in your old, slow, useless computer that sits at your desk collecting dust. Oops, did I not mention the price? It’s just $1,299. Well, I recognize that it is a bit more than what you usually want to spend, but you guys would be the best people in the whole wide world if you got it for me.

Anyways, thanks again. Can’t wait to see you and my presents!


Your Favorite Niece

P.S. I included a picture of the MacBook just in case you guys don’t know what it looks like.