Carolina Hurricanes surge forward


Since 1997, National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes have resided in Raleigh, but recent changes have been made on the team. In hopes of raising attendance, the Hurricanes have tried to make their games more fun for spectators. After their first home-game win, the Hurricanes demonstrated their new “fun-seeking” meaning with a post-game celebration. Since then, they have continued the practice by lining up at center ice, clapping their hands above their heads, and then doing a classic hockey celebration such as skating into the boards.

  The NHL has never seen a team-wide celebration that is anything like the new Hurricane tradition. Some older hockey fans do not think that this is necessary because it is “unsportsmanlike.” However, the NHL commission has responded by saying that there are no rules against it. Most hockey fanatics are glad to see such an unique tradition arise in a non-traditional hockey town.

 Senior Daisy Fanjoy stated, “I am so happy to see this new sense of fun be shown during the games. It is such a fresh idea, and it makes me proud to be a Hurricanes fan.”

  Going forward, big things are expected from the Hurricanes. They are playing better this season than they have in years. In the future, the Hurricanes franchise will continue to flourish as attendance rises and the fan base grows.